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bangla sms 2019

bangla sms 2019

The special occasion will be given to the loved ones wishes? But you can not understand how you would greet him! So we came to think about the Bengali SMS Collection App (bangla sms collection app). Because of this you can easily tell your friend without any hassle, you can send a variety of greeting messages.

All types of Bangla SMS Bangla SMS will be available in our app. Thinking about your convenience, we have created this app (bangla facebook status) with all the SMS from the best selected bangla sms database in the country. If you want to send these messages to bangla facebook status, you can post on your profile without any hassle. Besides, you can easily share these messages with your friends through social networking smart phones.

Pohela Boishakh sms (Pahela Boishakh) Apes told me to bring other categories of my Bangla SMS in front of you very soon. So in the continuation and after receiving your wide response, we got bangla sms collection all app from the best bangla SMS app.

bangla sms 2019 category

> Love sms / love sms
> Hardship sms
> Dear Friends Message /
> Foolish message / Foolish massage
> Good night SMS / Good Night mesg
> Good morning SMS / Good Morning message
> Greetings Message / Gets remembered S M S
> Eid Mubarak wishes / Eid Mobarak S M S
> Mother’s father’s massage / Father and Mother quotes
> Advice message
> Happy Birthday Message / Happy Birthday text
> Mixed message
> Happy new year sms / happy new year
> Bangla new SMS / SMS from Love (lovesms), beginning with Eid SMS, bangla romantic SMS (bangla romantic sms) will get all the great ups and downs.

Next we will bring smogs of all the categories –

Love poems (Premer kobita)
Love poems (valobasar kobita)
Bangla koutuk
Laughing story (Hasir golpo)
Love story (Premer golpo)
Bangla Jokes Message
Love novel
Love bangla sms
Monishider ukti
Monishider bani
Bani coconut

Love letter

Bengali proverbs and proverbs
Funny story (Mojar Golpo)
Shikkhnio Golpo
Bangla Bangla (Bangla Bani)
Bangla SMS 2018
Ramadan S M S
Eid ul Fitr
Eid ul Adha (Eid ul Adha)
Hope this app will need. Tell us about the things that are bad for you. If yes, share it with friends. If we find any kind of mistake, please let us know, we will correct it in the next update.

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